Red Rose Exchange
Rev. Philip Chalker

Groom and bride, you now have the most honorable title that may exist between a man and a woman- the title of "husband" and "wife".

In the elegant language of flowers, red roses are a symbol of love; the giving of a single red rose is a clear and unmistakable way of saying the words "I love you".

For this reason, it is fitting that the first gift you exchange as husband and wife would be the gift of a single red rose.

(Two people from the congregation -mothers?- bring forth two single red roses, one for the groom and one for the bride)

Please exchange your first gift as husband and wife.

You both have given and received one of the most valuable and precious gifts of life - one I hope you always remember - the gift of true and abiding love within the devotion of marriage.

In every marriage, there are times when it is difficult to find the right words, the ones we love the most are the ones we can most easily hurt. There are times when it may be difficult to say "I am sorry" or "I forgive you" or "I need you" or "I am hurting".

Groom and bride, I would ask that wherever you may make your home, that you choose a special location.

And at those times, when words fail, that you leave a red rose at that spot you have both selected - a rose that will say what matters more than all other words - "I still love you".

The other should accept this rose for the words that cannot be found and remember the love and hope that you both have shared today.
(Maid of honor brings back flowers)

Groom, you may now kiss your bride.

It is my honor to present to you for the first time, Mr. And Mrs.___________________.

İRev. Philip Chalker

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